Write Longer Tweets on Chrome and Android, the easy way.

Send infinite Tweets and DMs, and Enjoy Liberty with LiberTweet.

And yes, this way better than Tweet Longer !

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Tweets that exceed the 140 limit.

Within a Twitter-like interface, LiberTweet lets you write as many text as you want, before tweeting it.

Stay inside the Twitter app.

You can read shortened tweets inside the Twitter official app. Just click on the link to open it. No need to get bounced off to a website !

Quickest way to Tweet. Ever.

Drag the notification and tweet. This is tweeting in a blink of an eye !

The Chrome extension that changes tweeting.

The extension doesn't require any authorisation. You LiberTweet inside the twitter website.

Seamless integration.

Shortened tweets gets rendered inside twitter if you have the extension installed.


If your followers don't have the extension installed, they can still read you super-awesome-long tweets.

Integrates with reply.

LiberTweet integrates also with the reply functionality.

It's for Direct Messages, Too.

Aside from tweeting, you can send long DMs now!

Download for Chrome Download for Android